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Using SCORM packages
Xen allows you to insert SCORM content into your course, using the SCORM Component.
Please note, Xen currently supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 standard.

This is done in 2 steps: 
  1. Upload the SCORM package to your course's Files
  2. Insert the SCORM package in a page of your course.

Uploading the SCORM package

Go to your course and select "Files".

Once in the "Files & Uploads" section of the course, upload the SCORM package as a ZIP file.

It should be a .zip file containing a valid SCORM package with a imsmanifest.xml file at the root.

Copy the name of file, with its extension (.zip), as this will be needed in the next steps.

Inserting the SCORM component

Select "Edit" and go to the page where you wish to show the SCORM package.

Once in the page, select “Advanced” from the list of components.

Choose the "SCORM unit" Component.
This will insert the component in the page.

Edit the component by clicking the "Edit" icon (pencil).

Insert the name of the file uploaded to the Files section of the course, in the field "SCORM file package". The component will automatically locate the SCORM package using its name.
- Make sure to include the file extension (.zip).
- Do not include the path or https or anything else than the name of the file.

Save your change.

The content of the package will be displayed in the Authoring Tool and the Learning Portal.

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