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Enable or Disable Badges for Your Course
Badges provide a way for learners to share their course achievements. For courses that have course completion badges enabled, learners receive a badge at the same time as they receive a course certificate, and have the option of sharing their badges to a badging site such as Mozilla Backpack.

Xen.Ed supports Open Badges, an open standard developed by the Mozilla Foundation. For more information about Open Badges, see the Open Badges web site.

If badging is enabled for your platform, course completion badges are enabled by default for your course. If you are unsure whether badging is enabled for your platform, or if you need help with configuring your course badges, contact your platform administrator.

To stop issuing badges in your course, follow these steps.
  1. In Studio, from the Settings menu, select Advanced Settings.

  2. Locate the Issue Open Badges policy key. The default value is "true".

  3. Change the setting to "false" and save your changes.

To enable badging for your course if it was previously disabled, change the value of the key to "true".
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