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Setting Up Certificates for your Xen.Ed tenancy
This article describes how to create and manage certificates for your course.

Using Studio, you create and manage the certificates that learners can earn in your course.

The Xen.Ed platform can automatically generate certificates as each learner passes the course for both self-paced and instructor-paced courses.
  • For self-paced courses, certificates are available immediately after they are generated.

  • For instructor-paced courses, certificates become available 48 hours after your course end date by default. You can also specify a different date to make certificates available. For more information, see Create a Certificate .
When certificates become available, options for learners to view their certificates are available on the learner dashboard, the learner Profile page, and the course Progress page.

For more information about issuing certificates, see Issuing Certificates.

Please note
The design of certificates for your course, including your institution’s logo, are configured on your Xen.Ed tenancy by our development team.
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