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Archiving old Xen.ed courses

Want to hide a course in Studio? Now you can!

You can now archive a course from right in Studio, simply by changing the course end date. After archiving, the course will not display in your course catalog. Students enrolled in the course will still be able to view the archived course in their course list, but it will change how the course appears and functions for learners. See the "Learners and archived courses" section below for more details on the learner experience of this change.

Note: This feature is only available from the Hawthorn release of the Xen.ed platform onward. If you are an Enterprise standalone customer and are unsure of the version of the platform you are currently using, simply reach out to support or your Customer Success Manager.

  1. From the Settings dropdown, choose Schedule & Details.

  2. Scroll down to the Course Schedule section.

  3. Click in the Course End Date field.

  4. Enter any date in the past.

  5. Click Save Changes.

Can't find an old course in Studio? Check out the new Archived Courses tab.

The new Archived Courses tab makes it easy to find and view your expired courses. You'll see this new tab at the top of your Studio home page.

Learners and archived courses

Learners can enrol or continue to work in archived courses, even after the course end date. While they can access the course content, learners cannot submit answers for graded problems or participate in course discussions in archived courses.

To view the content of an archived course:

  1. Click on My Courses and locate the course.

  2. Select View Archived Course.

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