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Zoom integration (LTI)
Xen.Ed support Live video streaming with Zoom and its LTI Pro integration.
Note: Using the Zoom LTI Pro requires a Zoom Business subscription.
If you are interested in using the Zoom video-conferencing service in your courses for live lectures, recorded lectures, or meetings you can follow the below steps to set up Zoom's LTI Pro integration and get Zoom integrated in no time.

When you have a valid Zoom Business account, Zoom will provide you with the LTI Passport information which is required to connect both system and authenticate your account.


Make sure the "LTI consumer" component is enabled for your course. If it isn’t, you can add it manually by entering the "lti_consumer" value in the “Advanced Module List” at the top of the course's Advanced Settings.
  1. Go to your Zoom Business account and install the LTI Pro module.

    For more details on this step, please refer to the Zoom Inc. support website.

  2. Get the LTI passport info from Zoom and add them in the "LTI Passport" section of your course's Advanced Settings.

  3. Go to the page in this course where you wish to add the Zoom LTI Pro app.

  4. Click on the "Advanced" component, and select “LTI Consumer”.

  5. Once the component is in your page, configure its settings:
    1. LTI ID - Should be the same ID you provided in the Passport. 
      This is usually "zoom".
    2. URL - This is usually "".
    3. Custom parameters - Depending on your needs you may include additional details.

  6. Do not forget to Save.
Your Zoom account should now be connected to the course, and show in the page.

There are many parameters in Zoom to allow multiple hosts, create separate rooms , allow video recordings to be published to the LMS, etc. You can check these on the Zoom Support Website.
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