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How grading works in Xen.Ed

Adding grading support to your course requires 3 steps:
  1. Setting the Grading Policy, by defining how it works, its range, and an optional grace Period.

    To learn more about this step, visit Setting up grading and assignment types for your Xen.ed course.

  2. Configuring the different Assignment Types your learners will be taking, by indicating the weight or percentage they each contribute to the final score.

  3. Then configuring the sub-sections that contains problems or LTIs you want to be graded, by selecting one of the pre-set Assignment Types.

    To learn more about this step, visit Configuring graded content in Xen.ed.

Once the policy is set, every problem or LTI (such as you place in a graded sub-section will then be able to contribute to the relevant assignment type based on the weight you assign in each problem's settings.

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