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Creating H5P content with Lumi

What you will learn
  • how to create an interactive activity with H5P using the Lumi desktop application.
  • upon creating your activity, how to get that activity into your Xen course.
Learning Technology Used
  • Lumi Education – Authoring & Exporting
  • Xen Authoring Tool – Publishing

Creating an H5P Activity

Before You Begin
Note: this guide makes use of a free, open source software called Lumi, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Visit for more information and to get your own copy of Lumi.
  1. When you first open Lumi, you’ll see two options: an H5P Editor, and Lumi Analytics.
    Click Start on the H5P Editor card.

  1. Lumi allows you to open existing .h5p files you have saved or create a new one from the library of templates.

  1. The H5P Content Hub will appear – if this is your first time using H5P, you may be asked to connect to the H5P hub – which includes a few key features.
    For more details on how to use H5, please visit

  1. For this example, we will create a Single Choice Set activity. To do this:
    1. Click Get
    2. Click Install
    3. Finally, click Use

  1. Once you click Use on any content type you will see the content editor. Each content type varies a little bit, but many have the same key features.

  1. After inputting your content information, you can click View to see and try H5P activity for the first time. Below, you can see how the demo looks in the editor, compared to the live interactive H5P content.

  1. Finally, we need to Export our activity so that we can get it into Canvas. This will gather up all the information needed to create a single HTML file you can move around.

    You can even open this file in a web browser without uploading it anywhere just to try out your activity.

Once you are happy with your H5P activity, you can upload the .h5p file into a course on the Xen platform .
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