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How to re-run courses
Once a course has ended, you can choose to rerun the course if you want to.

When you rerun a course, the system will make a duplicate of your course and use that as the rerun. The reason it makes a duplicate of your course is so that the old (original) course is not replaced and the old course data is not lost, and to provide a clean slate for enrolments and learners grading.

All you need to do to start the process of re-running the course is to click the Re-run Course button.

Step 1

Navigate to the Courses you wish to re-run. This could be done from the Dashboard, or from the Studio application itself.

Step 2

Click the Re-run button next to the course you want to rerun.

Step 3

Fill in the details for the new Rerun

As this is a rerun of an existing course, the system needs to be able to differentiate between the old and new versions of the course. It does this by asking you to fill in certain details about the course again. The input fields that are similar to the original input fields you filled in when creating the original course.

Note: You cannot change the Course Number when re-running a course, this is the one piece of information that must remain the same in order for the system to know that it’s a re-run of an existing course.

Step 4

Fill in the new details of your rerun:
  • Fill in the Course Name. You can keep this the same as the original course or you can change it.
  • Fill in the Organisation name. You can keep this the same as the original course or you can change it.
  • Fill in the Course Number. You cannot change this from the original.
  • Fill in the Course Run. This helps to uniquely identify the re-run. This value is often different to the original course run value.
Now that you have filled in the new details of your course, click the CREATE RE-RUN button to finalise the system generation of your re-run, or click the CANCEL button if you change your mind.

Your new run will be automatically generated by the system and visible in your Studio home. Congratulations, you’re all done setting up your new course rerun!
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