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Understanding staff roles
Xen.Ed is a powerful platform, and it helps to know who can do what. 

There are essentially three types of staff or administrative roles in Xen.Ed.
  • Admin
    • Has access to the management console.
    • Can modify parts of the marketing or LMS website (based on your plan).
    • May create courses
    • Can add Course Admins and Course Staff (to their own courses)
    • Numbers limited according to Starter or Pro subscription tier
    • Will still need to be granted access at individual course level to view/edit courses they did not create.
    • If you would like to create a new Site-Wide Admin user for your organisation, you must contact the Xen.Ed Customer Success Team.

  • Course Designer (also referred to simply as Designer)
    • Has full control over an individual course
    • Can add other staff and admins
    • Has access to all parts of the instructor dashboard
    • Can do everything that Course Staff can do.

  • Course Staff (also referred to as Staff or Instructors)
    • Can edit the course
    • Has slightly less access to the instructor dashboard (specifically, no access to role management)

How to use these roles?

The typical flow of course creation is as follows:
  1. Admin configures the LMS and optionally themes the site.
  2. Admin creates the course in Studio.
  3. Admin grants another staff member Course Designer rights on their course.
  4. Course Designer manages their course, inviting other staff members to become Course Staff.
  5. Course Staff work alongside the Course Designer to create their course.
These roles aren't mutually exclusive - a Course Designer may be an Admin, and a Course Designer may be responsible for many of the same responsibilities as a Staff user.

How you use these roles is ultimately up to you - but the buttons they have access to are limited according to these three roles.
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