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Setting the number of available attempts on a problem in Xen.ed

In order to set the number of attempts a student can take to solve a problem in Xen.ed, simply follow the following steps.

  1. In Studio, locate the problem you wish to configure and click Edit 
  2. Go to the Settings tab and scroll down until you find Maximum Attempts
  3. Simply enter any number here to limit how many times a student can attempt this problem. Alternatively, leave the box blank (or delete an existing number) to allow infinite attempts. Then hit Save.
  4. Finally, publish your content to ensure the change is live in the LMS, and check that the problem attempts appear as intended.

Setting the default

If you find yourself changing this often, you can set the default value of this field for any future questions you add.

  1. First, navigate to Advanced Settings by using the Settings menu at the top of the page in Studio 

  2. Scroll down or search the page ( Ctrl or Command F) to find Maximum Attempts and set it to the number of attempts you would like to have entered as the default. Hit Save Changes once you're done. 

Note: If you change a problem's number of attempts after content has been published, you must republish the content after you've saved your changes. This can be done on the unit level or on the Course Outline.

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