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Embedding Google Documents
Xen.Ed comes with a Google Docs Component allowing you to insert Files for your learners, provided that they have access to this Google Drive by inviting them beforehand or making it public.

The Google Docs Component can be a useful component to add to your course. With it, you can easily embed not only Docs, but Sheets, Slides, and more ... directly into your course. 

Here's how:

Step 1 - Check for the Google Docs Component (optional)

This step is optional depending on how your course was originally built.
Make sure the Component is available to your course, as not all components are necessarily loaded in advance by your course designers.
If the component is not yet available, it can easily be manually enabled in the Advanced Settings for each course.

This step can slightly different whether you are using Xen.Ed version 1 or 2:

Accessing the Advanced Settings in Xen.Ed 1.0
From the Authoring Tool, navigate to the "Settings" drop down menu, they select Advanced Settings.

Accessing the Advanced settings in Xen.Ed 2.0
From the course, click on the "gear" icon situated at the end of the course tool bar (last icon to the right). 

How to check

Once you gained access to the "Advanced Settings" screen, the first setting you will see is the "Advanced Module List" for the current course. 

These are all the advanced Component currently installed in your Xen.Ed tenancy and enabled. Make sure your list includes "google-document".

If you don't see the Component in the list, simply add it to enable it:
Make sure to include the double quotes, and that that every line but last one ends with a comma, before you save your changes.

Step 2 - Prepare the Google Document for embed

To embed your own document, you will need to publish it in Google for embedding:
  1. Go to your Google Drive, 
  2. Open the document, 
  3. Click on the "File" menu,
  4. Select "Publish to Web".

Next, you'll be able to set up a few parameters, which will vary depending on the type of Google file you're working with. Make sure you've chosen the Embed option, and then click Publish. 

Google will then create some embed code for you to copy. 
Copy the embed code.


Step 3 - Embed the Google Document in Xen.Ed

Now that the Component is active, or if you skipped the first step, navigate to the page you want to embed a Google Document in, and click the green "Advanced" button.

The, Select "Google Document".

By default, the Google Docs Component comes pre-populated with a Google Presentation giving a brief overview of how it works. 

In the Embed Code section of the Component's Edit window, paste the embed code from Google, then click Save.

After you Publish the doc, your Learners will see it in the course.
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