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Edit a Certificate
You can edit certificates before and after they are activated.

Only course team members with the Staff or Admin role can edit activated certificates.

As a best practice, do not make changes to certificates in a running course if it is possible that certificates have already been issued to learners, because different learners might be awarded certificates with different details for the same course.

If you must edit an activated certificate, you should deactivate the certificate before making changes to it.

To edit a certificate, follow these steps.
  1. In Studio, from the Settings menu, select Certificates.

  2. On the Certificates page, at the top of the certificate form, select the Edit icon.

  3. When you have finished editing the certificate, select Save.

    After you save your changes, you can preview the certificate to make sure it appears as you want it to. You then need to activate the certificate before certificates can be issued.
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