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Using H5P interactives in your courses
H5P is an online tool that allows course authors to create Interactives using rich HTML5 content for their courses, including games such as Find the Words, Flashcards, Augmented Reality finder, multimedia apps such as audio recorders and interactive videos, as well as a variety of common and not-so-common question types. 

The service is a subscription external to the Xen.Ed platform and integrates with the platform using a new Content Block "H5P (embed)".

How do you use it?

The process of integrating H5P content into your course consists of two steps:
  1. Authoring content on
  2. Adding the LTI Consumer component to your course to load interactives from

Configure H5P and Xen.Ed

Before you can get started creating content with H5P, you’ll need to set up an account with them here. (It is also possible to self-host H5P from their open source packages, but for the purpose of this article we’ll assume that you are using H5P as a service).


Once registered, log in to your H5P account and connect Xen.Ed as a target LMS:
  1. Go to "Manage Organization" from the top header.
  2. Select "Connect LMS" in the left hand navigation.
  3. Click the "Add LMS Connection" button at the top of the page.
  4. Select "Other" when prompted with a selection of LMSs.
    • Choose a name for the connection. "Xen.Ed" is appropriate.
    • Leave the LTI version to "1.1".
  5. From the resulting screen, copy the following values:
    • Key (ex: "myh5psite-12345").
    • Secret (ex: "aLL3s75EPges8VtEfg91vN2hoNoAwTWt").

Configure Xen.Ed

Equipped with these information, you can configure the H5P connection in your courses:
  1. In each course where you wish to use H5P, got to "Advanced settings".
  2. Look for the "LTI Passport" section.
    • Add a Passport for H5P in the format '["h5p:key:secret"]'.

Insert H5P Interactives in your courses

Once you have created an interactive in, you can embed into a Xen.Ed course:
  1. Navigate to the unit you would like to use H5P in.
  2. Insert the LTI component, by clicking “Advanced” > “LTI Consumer”.
  3. In the added component, click “EDIT”.
  4. In the prompt, the only fields that you will need to customise are:
    • LTI ID: Enter "h5p".
    • LTI URL: Insert the URL pointing to the H5P content item that you want to embed. You can copy the URL from when accessing the interactive.

  5. Click “Save” when you’re done. You can Preview the content first or Publish it the unit to make the H5P content show up for your learners in the LMS.
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