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Activating the Calendars feature


The "Calendars" feature in our Learning Management System (LMS) enhances course management by allowing staff members to schedule and manage events within each course calendar. This feature is designed to streamline the scheduling of course-related events and ensure all enrolled learners are kept informed and engaged with upcoming activities.

Key Features

Event Creation 
Staff members can add events to a course calendar, specifying the event's title, location (including online call options), date, time, and a detailed description.

Automatic Invitations
When an event is created, all learners enrolled in the course are automatically invited. They will receive an invitation as well as reminder notifications, ensuring high participation and engagement.

Personal Dashboard Integration
Learners can view a list of events from all enrolled courses on their personal dashboard. This centralized view helps learners keep track of their schedules and upcoming commitments.

Calendar Views
Within each course, the "Calendar" tab displays all scheduled events. Events can be viewed by month, week, or as a list of daily tasks, providing flexibility in how information is accessed and organized.

Global Management
Administrators have the ability to globally enable or disable the "Calendars" feature for their organisation, allowing for customisation based on training needs and preferences.


Enhanced Engagement
Ensures learners are actively engaged with the course material and related events, increasing participation and retention.
Improved Organization
Helps both staff and learners stay organized with an integrated system for managing course timelines and activities.
Increased Accessibility
By integrating with personal dashboards and offering multiple views, the feature makes it easy for learners to keep track of their educational commitments.

The option for online locations for events allows for greater flexibility and accessibility, accommodating remote learners effectively.


Administrators can enable or disable the "Calendars" feature through the system settings. 

To modify these settings:
1. Navigate to the Admin panel.
2. Select the Settings tab
3. Select the "Course defaults" sub-tab
4. Locate the "Calendars" feature settings and select "Enable" or "Disable" based on your organisational needs.


The "Calendars" feature is a powerful tool designed to enhance the learning experience by simplifying the management of course schedules and activities. By integrating this feature, our LMS not only supports the logistical aspects of course management but also contributes to a more engaging and organised learning environment.
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