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Moderators in Discussion forums
By default, your staff do not have discussion moderator privileges on Xen.Ed.
Their posts will not appear as staff, and they will not have access to discussion moderator privileges. 

This is by design as such roles are usually segregated in universities and higher education providers.

To change this, you can follow these steps (note that prior to doing this, the user must be enrolled in the course as normal):
  1. Navigate in the LMS to the Membership tab of the Instructor Dashboard.

  2. Scroll down to Course Team Management.

  3. Select Discussion Moderators from the dropdown (or, if you want them to be able to add additional moderators, Discussion Admin).

  4. Enter the new moderator's email address in the box in the bottom left, and press Add Moderator.

Your new moderator will now have access to all the rights and privileges of a discussion moderator:
  • Editing or deleting posts
  • Clearing misuse flags
  • Closing and re-opening threads
  • Endorsing responses
  • Viewing posts from all cohorts
  • Posting to any cohort
  • Having their posts marked as 'by Staff'
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