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Apply your branding to Xen.Ed's theme
You can edit the default Xen.Ed theme of your Learning Portal and the email notifications to apply your own brand. Just point & click your way to customise Xen.Ed to your branding in no time using the Branding settings.

To access the Branding settings: 
  1. Select the Configuration section from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the Settings option from the horizontal menu.
  3. Activate the Branding tab.
You will be presented with the relevant sections to personalise the default Xen.Ed template, by changing:
  • Fonts, 
  • Colours, 
  • Logos, 
  • Favicon,
  • Main banner.

About Publishing

You can work on the settings and preview them temporarily, but they will not be visible to anyone until you re-publish the theme.
When you publish a change, it will be instantly visible to all, across the Learning Portal and the email notifications.


This allows you to select a font face from Google Fonts to be used for all texts, including courses where the font style has not been overridden yet.
If you need to add a custom font to Xen.Ed, please contact our Sales team to learn about our Premium plan.


You can select the primary and secondary colours that the template and email notifications will use. You cannot select white or black as they are reserved tints.


You can upload your logo in various forms, for the following usage.
We recommend using images with a transparent background, so that your Primary colour or Default Banner can show underneath, A square ratio will work best to avoid distorting your image when displayed.

Primary logo

The Primary logo is displayed on the header sections of your Learning Portal and email notifications.
Your file should not exceed 60 KB, so that the Learning Portal loads fast for your learners and is not penalised by search engines.

Secondary logo

The Secondary logo is displayed on the footer sections of your Learning Portal and email notifications, as well as in the login form. 
Your file should not exceed 30 KB, so that the Learning Portal loads fast for your learners and is not penalised by search engines.


A favicon -short for favourite icon, also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon - is a file associated with a particular website or web page that web browsers will use in the address bar, in the page's tab, as desktop or mobile icon, in the history, and next to the page's name in a list of bookmarks.
You can upload a square image of 32px x 32px maximum, in ICO, GIF, PNG, or JPG format, and with a maximum file size of 20 KB.

Default banner

This banner is shown on every page of your Learning Portal outside of a course: 
  • Login
  • Logout
  • Signup (registration)
  • Password reset
  • Catalog & course search
  • Payment
  • Dashboard
  • Profile & Account settings
The banner will automatically fill the header section, from the bottom-right corner. where your Primary Logo sits in the default theme. 
Ideally, banners should be a long rectangle and not contain any text or specific logo that you wish to show, because there is no guarantee that they will be available based on the end-user's screen size. To showcase texts or image, please use the Primary logo which will always sit on top if your banner.
When used in combination with your logo, we recommend using banners that do not overly compete with the logo image to keep it visible.
Banners can be uploaded in JPG format, with a maximum file of 120 KB.
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