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Adding additional instructors
Unless you're planning on teaching all of your courses yourself, it's probably a good idea to know how to add instructors to your course.

  1. Go to the Instructor Dashboard and click Membership.

  2. Scroll down to the Course Team Management section, click the drop down menu under Select a course team role.

  3. From this menu, make sure Staff is selected.
    This is also where you would add any other course team members such as Discussion Admins, Beta Testers, TA's, etc.

  4. Type in the email address of the user you wish to make an Instructor.
    This user must first hold an account on your platform.
    If Xen.Ed returns an error stating "the user couldn't be found", you'll have to register them first.
    See Setting upgrading and assignment types for your Xen.ed course for more information on how to invite users,

  5. Click Add Staff.
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