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The purpose of this article is to assist your organisation and users in getting the most out of Xen.Ed Support, introducing the teams, process, and tools involved.

Please note, this document relates to the standard support agreement which comes as a default with a Xen.Ed tenancy, and does not cover any additional accomodation for your specific organisation.

The Enhanced Support agreement gives you the flexibility to contact our support team on any day, at any time, 24/7/365. 
Should you wish to upgrade to an Enhanced Support agreement, please contact your Account manager.

Table of content

  1. The Xen.Ed Customer Success Team

  2. Available resources
    1. Product updates & announcements
    2. Self-help options
    3. Live Chat
    4. Service Desk

  3. Service Level Agreements (SLA)

The Xen.Ed Customer Success Team

The Xen.Ed Customer Success Team consists of several groups within Crystal Delta, all working together to quickly answer questions and resolve support requests or technical issues:
  • Pre-Sales & Post-Sales
    Your first point of contact is the Account Manager for your region, and the Product team.

  • Customer Success
    The Product team and our Level 1 Support will handle your onboarding and all requests for support.

  • Technical Support
    We strive to prevent issues from happening. Still, in the event that you need technical support, the Support Level 1 will escalate to our the Xen.Ed Engineering and Development teams.

Available resources

The Xen.Ed teams are providing you with several options for support, depending on the need and severity, ensuring that you get an appropriate outcome every time.

Product Updates & announcements

Xen.Ed is constantly evolving! We release new features and fixes every week.
The updates are thoroughly tested before release to production by our DEVOPS an QA Engineers.

Depending on their importance, you may receive in-app alerts and email notifications. Whenever there is a potential impact on how you use the product, the Xen.Ed Product team will reach out directly to your organisation.

We also list all relevant updates on the Updates page of the Xen.Ed Support Portal.

Self-Help options

70% of customers prefer to resolve as many issues as possible on their own using self-help customer service options, according to the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

We have prepared this Knowledge Base and implemented it directly into Xen.Ed, so that you are never far from an answer to your question.

Powerful, simple and quick. Use Xen.Ed's smart and self-service widget from within the LMS and Studio. It is conveniently located at the bottom-right of every page once you are logged-in.

You can also search our Knowledge Base directly by using the website.

The KB is a living repository of information, constantly evolving with new content, screenshots, videos, and more. Do not hesitate to let us know how we can improve it!

Live Chat 

Of course, self-service options don’t replace human support, as many customers still prefer speaking to a live agent when they have a question or an issue. Rather, the two should seamlessly work together to provide an exceptional service experience that keeps our customers happy.

From Xen.Ed's Smart Widget, you can initiate a conversation with your Xen.Ed Customer Success team if they are online, or leave a message for them to respond during Australian Business Hours - Do not worry, the widget will always show hours converted to your own time zone so that you know when we will be back.

Service Desk

In the event of an important request or urgent issue, you can lodge a support ticket with Xen.Ed's Service Desk. This will go directly to the relevant Level 1 Support engineers.

A Support representative will respond within your agreed SLA.
Default is 24 hours, during Australian business days, 9am to 5pm AEST.

How to Obtain a Xen.Ed Service Desk Login & Password

A Service Desk account will enable you to lodge tickets, see their progress, and receive email updates.

Your account is setup during your organisation's onboarding, so you do not need to create the account yourself.
Should you need one, you can create an account directly from the Service Desk.

How to Open a New Service Request

Service Requests can be opened on the web using the Service Desk at
  1. Log in to the Service Desk,

  2. Select either “General” or "Xen.Ed Course Building" group.

  3. Choose the Request that is most relevant for your case (Support, Bug, New Feature, Course Build) to access the appropriate webform.

  4. Fill the relevant details, optionally adding attachments, and click the "Send" button.

  5. When you are done, a request number will be provided, and you will receive an email confirming it as well.

  6. You can also share the request with other registered members from your organisation. They will receive an update and can contribute as well.

How to Track an Existing Service Request

You can track all your Service Requests online by accessing the Service Desk at and accessing the Requests page.

From the list, you can access each request individually to check progress and activity (comments. attachments, status updates, resolution ...).

Please note, you and any added participants will receive an email notification each time an update is posted.

Best practices

How to escalate an issue
If you have a request open for a particular issue, please do not open another case for that same issue. 

Instead, you can Escalate your request from the Service Desk by visiting the ticket and then selecting "Escalate" from the right-hand side menu.

If, in the course of working on a case, it becomes evident that the title (summary field) is no longer appropriate, please ask the support engineer to change it on your behalf.

Action plans
Please don’t hesitate to ask your support engineer what the action plan is. That is, be sure you know what will be done next, by whom, and when.

Please watch for updates to your cases in your email inbox, or by checking the Support Portal.

After receiving a case update, please respond as quickly as you can so that we may continue to work with you. You're welcome to respond to case emails directly, though it is helpful to the LogRhythm Support Team if you reply through the portal instead.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

For the purpose of this document, the standard support agreement is assumed.

Unless otherwise specified in the Relevant Service Agreement and/or Standard Service Agreement, the Xen.Ed Customer Success team shall provide Supported Services as per the standard agreement in accordance to the following parameters.

Response Time SLA
Response Time refers to the time it takes for the Xen.Ed Customer Success team to begin working on a reported issue, not to resolve the issue. 
The Xen.Ed Customer Success team shall respond to your initial support requests with off-site telephone consultation, email, or live-chat assistance as set forth below.




Level 1
Critical Impact

Error that causes the Solution to crash and to be unusable by a large number (>80%) of Authorised Users for the function being performed.

1h Receipt Response
2h Resolution or Escalation Response

During Regular Business Support Hours in your time zone

Prioritising service requests is at the sole discretion of the Xen.Ed Customer Success team.

Level 2
High Impact

Error that does not cause the Solution to crash, but incorrectly performs a function and requires a workaround to be used on a continual basis

4h Receipt Response
8h Resolution or Escalation Response

During Regular Business Support Hours in your time zone

The Xen.Ed Customer Success team shall resolve the moderate problem in the next General Release or New Release (exclusively to resolve the problem) based on the business priority.

Level 3
Medium Impact

Error that causes any inconvenience to the user, but does not require the use of a workaround on a continual basis

24h Receipt Response
72h Resolution or Escalation

During Regular Business Support Hours in your time zone

The Xen.Ed Customer Success team shall resolve the moderate problem in the next General Release or New Release (exclusively to resolve the problem) based on the business priority.

Level 4
Low Impact

Questions concerning how the Solution functions in certain situations or special request for actions by the Xen.Ed Customer Success team


Service Component

Service Availability %

Maintenance Hours

Xen.Ed Digital Learning Platform99.9Saturday 6:00 AEST/AEDT
Monday 06:00 AEST/AEDT
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