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Configuring your Xen.Ed tenancy
Learn how to make Xen.Ed your own by customising your portal and notifications
Account management
Learn how to manage Learners & Staff accounts, in order to reset passwords and solve login issues.
Courses & Content
Everything you need to know in order to create, update, and manage courses.
Certificates & Badges
Learn how to set certificates and distribute them.
Tests, quizzes, and assessments
Learn how to add problems such as quizzes and assessments in your courses.
Grading & Reports
Learn how to access the Gradebook, review learners submissions, setup your grading preferences, and download graded data.
Discussion forums
Learn how to us Siscussions in yoru courses, to promote social learning and exchanges between your learners.
Learn to use the Calendars feature to manage events in your courses for all your learners.
Learners management
How to invite learners to your course and how to enrol them
Staff management
Learn to manage instructors, content editors, course designers, and more ...
E-Commerce & Payments
Xen.Ed is the perfect platform to sell your courses. Discover what you can do and develop you ronline business.
Technical guides (DNS, Email, SPAM, cookies ...)
Everything you need to know about the technical details of running Xen.Ed successfully.
Xen.ed courses have a global and diverse audience, including learners whose native language is not the language in which you created your course, as well as learners who have a disability that affects
External Integrations
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If you are new to Xen.Ed, start here and let us guide you.
Customer & Technical Support
Get the most out of the Customer & Technical Support that comes with your Xen.Ed agreement, and discover the teams, tools, and process involved.