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Enabling timed exams in Xen.ed

In Xen.Ed you have the ability to create exams with a time limit. Here's how it's done:

1. Enable timed exams in Advanced Settings

From the Studio, navigate to Advanced Settings, found underneath the Settings drop-down menu. 

Locate the Enable Timed Exams field, and set it to "true" making sure to save your changes. 

2. Set a timed subsection with the configure icon

Locate the subsection that contains your timed exam or quiz, and click on the configure icon (it looks like a little gear).

Click on the Advanced tab. 

Select the Timed radio button. 

Choose a time, making sure to use the HH:MM format, then click Save. 

That's it! Here's what the student's experience looks like:

Your exam will now show up in the LMS as a Timed Exam. When a learner clicks on the exam, they will be shown a message that lets them know the exam is timed, but the clock will not start until they click the "I am ready to start this exam." button. 

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While taking the exam, there is a new navigation bar at the top of the page, reminding the student that they are currently taking an exam and showing an active clock counting down the learners remaining time. 

After a learner has completed the exam, they can click the End My Exam button in order to stop the clock. They will then be taken to a page where they will be asked if they are sure they want to submit their timed exam. 

After submitting, the learner is shown a confirmation message. 

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